Affiliate Network Instructions

The show is set for Wednesdays at 6:00 pm Eastern time (3:00 pm Pacific time) Beginning September 19th, 2018
Instructions for affiliates 

There are two types of affiliates during a LIVE network broadcast, 

The producer affiliate -- The station that is producing the show 
The presenter affiliate --  The rest of the stations that are broadcasting the show.

Each station will have an equal opportunity to be a producer affiliate chosen on a rotating basis. At any time a station can forgo their time slot, and it will be offered to another station or the show will be canceled for that week if no producer is available. For the sake of organization, make-ups will not be allowed. 

The presenter affiliates log onto the producer affiliate's online stream and broadcast the audio. 

Producer affiliates that don't have a regular web stream may set up a temporary stream for the duration of their show. is one simple service you could look into if you don't have a stream already set up. I was told they do now charge a small fee for their 3-hour service.
The responsibility of the producer affiliate (the station producing the show) --

--- The producer affiliate must have a working internet stream at least 2 hours before the time of the show. This gives the presenter affiliates a chance to check their connection to the stream and contact the producer if there's a problem.

--- The producer affiliate must provide at least 60 seconds of bumper music before the start for their show and after the end of their show to give presenter stations a way to ramp into and out of the show and to perform their legal station identification. This will also allow for buffer delay inherent to internet streaming.

-- The producer affiliate must provide a LIVE broadcast for the duration of the show. No voice tracking or other virtual live techniques. No "best of" recordings. 

--- The producer affiliate must not start before the top of the hour (except for bumper music) and must finish as pre-scheduled and in no case end beyond 57 minutes past the hour (except for bumper music).

--- The producer affiliate may certainly identify where they're from, their school name; station name and explain what they're doing, but must not perform a "legal ID" or say anything that would confuse the identity of the presenter stations. 

--- The producer affiliate may take live calls on their broadcast but only with appropriate profanity delay equipment and a monitor to perform the delete function if necessary. 

--- The producer station must provide a phone number to the presenter affiliates for direct contact in case of technical problems.

--- It would be expected of the producer affiliate to give a nice teaser announcement of upcoming shows for the next producer affiliate. These will be pre-scheduled on our calendar.

--- Thanking and acknowledging the presenter affiliates before the end of the show would be a respectful and thoughtful gesture!!

--- The producer affiliate must present a program that would be of interest to their larger national audience. They should avoid inside jokes, stories that require the listener to have pre-knowledge of their school or community. The show should not alienate listeners of other stations; Example -- saying, "I HATE Alaska" when your show is being carried in Alaska or including religious (either for or against) commentary as presenter affiliates may have religious leanings or are secular by policy.  Above all, the show should comply with FCC rules of decency as well as a general guarded appropriateness for young listeners.  Remember: The presenter affiliate stations are bound by their honor to carry the network show but are not required to carry a show that is clearly in contrast to their function in promoting a safe school environment. 

The responsibility of the presenter affiliate (the stations broadcasting the show) --

--- The presenter affiliate is the key to the HS Radio Network. The students are proceeding with the belief that their program is being carried on your station. It is the responsibility of the presenter affiliate to make every reasonable effort to broadcast the show. It's not simply at the presenter affiliate's convenience but is a commitment to the kids producing the show.

--- The presenter affiliate must check their online audio connection to the producer affiliate's stream at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time.

--- The presenter affiliate must contact the producer affiliate right away if there is a technical problem -- giving reasonable time to attempt correction.

--- The presenter affiliate must broadcast the complete show without interruption, except for EAS or other emergency or legal obligations.

--- The presenter affiliate should thank the producer affiliate on the air after the show and include a comment of encouragement. 

--- MOST IMPORTANTLY The presenter affiliate management must monitor the show; recognizing that even the most well-trained, well-meaning young broadcaster can make mistakes (even professionals make mistakes) and take precautions at his / her discretion. The ultimate responsibility of the broadcast and it's FCC compliance is with each participating station in the network and not solely on the producer affiliate.