How to become an affiliate

A network only requires two or more stations to say "I'm In!" 

National High School Radio Network 

Here's how to join

Go here to say "I'm in"   
include call sign and frequency if applicable; Your school name - city -- your name and contact info
I'll be in touch so we can get started!

Fee for joining the network?
Just your amazing energy and commitment!! 

Technical requirements?
Just Internet access --- That's pretty much all you need -- Just about any station can do it! virtually free!!  I'll walk you through it... 

Yup, it can be that easy!
The key is for each station to come together to make it relevant and meaningful for the students!! 

Let's make this happen,

Ralph Martin
VCS Radio KVCB 100.9 FM
Vacaville Christian High School
Vacaville, Ca. USA